Glossary of terms


Carta di soggiorno: normally means the Long Term Permit of unlimited value, but to be updated every 10 years, even if there is also a Carta di soggiorno for family members of European/Italian citizens of 5 years or unlimited.

Coesione familiarefamily union, meaning any procedure through which the non-EU, EU or Italian foreign citizen requests that the non-European family member arrive in Italy or remain in the territory to live with him. 

Coniuge: means husband or wife, even if the new regulations also take into account the de facto partner (de facto couple).

Gradi di parentela (Degrees of kinship): the degrees are different for each country, in Italy the first degree characterizes the ties between parents and children and between married people, while the brothers are second-degree relatives, therefore the grandchildren (children of the children) are second degree, while the nephews children of the brothers are third degree relatives.

Ricongiungimento familiare: means the re-union of the person’s family members in Italy.

SPID: Public Digital Identity System (SPID) is a digital identity composed of a pair of credentials, creates a digital identity of the person through registration and association of a document to an email and a phone number, required to access many public administration procedures from September 2021.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 29 Luglio 2022